The Labs

An image of our secret labs. Shh...


We've got a few secret projects brewing, and we're constantly working on improvements behind the scenes. While we can't say much, here's what we can say so far:

Blokii Editor

The Blokii Editor is a text editor to help you craft content stored in git repositories. Whether you're working on your next professional book, technical blog post, or company whitepaper, Blokii provides all the tools you need to get the job done. Set goals and track your progress through time. Let Blokii help identify ways you can improve. Simplify your writing process. While writing is a creative process, the process can be structured to make the time you spend writing more productive and more efficient.

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Blokii CLI

The Blokii CLI is a command-line tool for generating and publishing books, whitepapers, and similar technical content. It's made for developers and meant to be used with the Blokii Ecosystem to write content in markdown. Create and reuse content templates, or share within your company to keep content consistent. Export to PDF or ePub/mobi book formats when ready.

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Blokii Image Maker

The Blokii Image Maker templatizes the image creation process for blog posts. It's catered to tech blogs, allowing easy tagging of images with popular frameworks and technologies to make it visually easy for users to identify what you're writing about. Visit the product page for more details, and sign up for updates.

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