Blokii Editor

Currently de-prioritized to work on the CLI.

The Blokii Editor

The Blokii Editor is an editor to help you craft content stored in git. Whether you're working on your next professional book, technical blog post, or company whitepaper, Blokii provides all the tools you need to get the job done. If you need to export the content to a different format afterwards for publication and distribution, Blokii can help manage that process for you.

Core Features

  • Simple minimalistic interface to limit distractions
  • Easy-access sidebar with customizable extensions to store code snippets, track goals and more
  • Split-preview for markdown files
  • Customized support for different project types (books, papers, blog posts)
  • Default templates for different project types
  • Export to various formats

Pro Features

  • Set Goals and Track Progress
  • Content Calendar
    • Define a frequency for completing a writing goal, and Blokii will help you define a schedule to help you achieve that goal
  • Readability Metrics
  • Connectors
    • Github Gists (to sync code snippets)
    • Github Repositories
    • Publishing to External Platforms
  • Template Creation
  • Pro Extensions: Relationship Visualizations, Timeline Visualizations, Profiles
  • Drag-and-drop to re-organize content


The Blokii Editor is being built for MacOS/iOS and Web.

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