About Blokii

The System

Writing is an art - it takes time, patience, and practice. But it doesn't need to be hard. Blokii helps developers develop a writing habit by breaking down writing into simple, achievable tasks. We provide a system of tools customized for developers publishing content. Check out our labs to see our active projects. Our flagship product is the Blokii Editor.

The Mission

Blokii's mission is to help developers showcase their knowledge and technical skills in ways that extend beyond coding - particularly in soft skills, such as communication, collaboration, and leadership. We provide simple tools to make the writing process easier, built for developers, by developers.

The Vision

Blokii's vision is to help professionals across industries and professions organize their content and write more efficiently. The initial ecosystem for Blokii will serve developers, though we hope to spin off the core features of Blokii to cater to other professions as well, such as creative writers, researchers, and students.

Meet the Team

Rachel, Founder & Product Engineer

Rachel, Founder & Product Engineer

In between consulting engagements, Rachel spends her time working on Blokii. She has always been passionate about writing and first conceived a product to help writers back in 2012. The idea has continuously evolved since then, and with the advent of new technologies, she's excited by the endless possibilities to help writers tap into a new way of working.

B, Public Relations Director

B, our Public Relations Director

B is an OWB (Other World Being), for you Earthlings. To call him an Alien would be politically incorrect, and he despises that term. B began his journey in the Eon-9 Galaxy, on a planet known by Earthlings as P-3948. You may hear him refer to it as Neįęiįikkkk-Trėėėënæ-Bœœœ (Don't ask how to say that). Since arriving on Earth, he's served as Blokii's Public Relations Director.


This project is currently bootstrapped. If you would like to show your support for our mission, Rachel and B would gladly accept a cup of coffee.

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